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Product Collection
The MVNO Collection offers the individual product collection of contemporary mobile communication solutions combined with ready-to-use packs and modules which enables to perfectly mix and match with converged mobile business as well as to end-customers needs and expectations.


Central Box

The CENTRAL BOX provides mobile business essentials, corresponding service fulfillment and monitoring functionalities. The CENTRAL BOX also comes with a comprehensive open interface allowing customers to integrate optional packs and modules, or even external systems, most conveniently.

  • Network Gateways
  • Interactive Voice Response / USSD-C
  • Provisioning
  • Convergent Rating & Charging
  • DWH Reporting
  • SIM-Management
  • Product Builder
  • Loyalty Campaign Manager
  • Open Web API
  • Payment Gateways
  • Monitoring


The CONVERGENCE PACK is designed to provide communication service providers with highly flexible service enablement capabilities suitable for any kind of telecommunications offerings – truly converged.

Convergence Pack

The optional and pre-integrated CONVERGENCE PACK includes:

  • Converged Product Catalog
  • Order Management System
  • Converged Billing & Invoicing
  • Payment & Account Receivables
  • Dunning & Collection

Product Extension Modules

Additional and pre-integrated Product Extension Modules include:

  • Multi-MVNO Manager
  • Individual Product Catalog
  • Voucher Management System
  • Mobile Number Portability
  • Onboard Voicemail
  • Missed Call Notification


I-New customers may profit from pre-configured packs and modules for successful marketing & sales-activation as well as for the management of external distribution channels.

Campaign Management Pack

The CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT PACK enables customers to manage and
execute interactive marketing campaigns on various channels as SMS, MMS,
USSD, email and newsletter, Social Media or Telephone. With the add-on of
our Mobile Self-care App, another media channel for targeted campaigns
becomes available to deliver highly tailored content to each individual user.

  • Campaign Administration
  • Customer Selection
  • Content Creation
  • Interactive Campaigns
  • Email & Newsletter
  • Call/SMS/Social-Media Campaigns
  • USSD
  • Social Media

Marketing & Sales Modules

Subscriber sales campaigns as well as the management of external
distribution channels can be easily managed and executed with
pre-integrated Marketing & Sales Modules.

  • POS-Shop
  • Web-Shop
  • Retail Manager
  • Outbound Call Center Solutions


Top level customer experience is business critical in the demanding world of today’s naturally mobile subscribers. The MVNO Collection allows customers to enrich mobile offerings with ready-to-use optional packs and modules.

Customer Service Pack

The CUSTOMER SERVICE PACK carries a broad range of content to provide
the widest range of possibilities for customer experience:

  • Service Process Management
  • Multi-Channel-Communication
  • Call & IVR-Interaction
  • Liste item
  • Email & Chat Interaction
  • 360 Customer View
  • CRM-Ticketing
  • Customer Surveys

Self-Care Pack

The SELF-CARE PACK allows subscribers to perform self-care activities
related to their own subscriber profile and to specific account activities
via Interactive Voice Recognition or USSD.

  • Account Settings
  • Account Balance check
  • SOS Credit request
  • Data connectivity activation/deactivation
  • Inter-Account Money transfer

Customer Experience Modules

Additional and pre-integrated Customer Experience Modules include:

  • Micro-Credit
  • Contact Center Solution
  • Web Self-Care
  • Mobile Self-Care


The MVNO Collection comes with a range of exciting VALUE ADDED APPS & APPLICATIONS options to quickly add new revenue opportunities through converged services apart from customer’s core enterprise and telecommunication services.

Value Added Apps & Applications

Available Value added Apps & Applications:

  • Casino Games
  • Skill Games
  • 3D Games
  • Poker Games
  • Sports betting
  • Social Media
  • Business Intelligence
  • Crowd Marketing
  • Smart Home
  • Smart Energy
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Identity manager