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Execution Services
The MVNO Collection is a comprehensive and cloud-based module system allowing for rapid integration to the host operator while ensuring maximum control and independence for service providers, MVNOs and resellers.


Using industry-standard interfaces, the EXECUTION BOX allows for seamless integration and minimum liaison with the host operator, while ensuring maximum independence and control for I-New’s customers.

Execution Box

The product and technology also facilitates rapid integration with external businesses and regulatory entities. The integrated EXECUTION BOX include services such as:

  • Project Management
  • Installation
  • Network & Infrastructure Integration
  • Regulation Integration
  • System Configuration
  • System Testing
  • Handover


Best practices developed over several projects and many years ensure that The MVNO Collection delivers experienced in-house execution service capabilities to secure customer investments.

Configuration Services Modules

Additional and pre-configured Configuration Service Module-Options include:

  • Tariff Plans & Bundles
  • Policy Control
  • Business Process Configuration
  • Self-care UI Branding
  • Self-care Navigation
  • Subscriber Notifications
  • Campaign & Loyalty Management
  • Localization


Integration Services Modules

I-New provides a dedicated execution department staffed by highly experienced technical and project management members who have a clear and well-practiced methodology to swiftly and effectively deliver mobile business and market needs.

  • Top-Up Provider
  • Payment Provider
  • Web & POS-Shop
  • 3rd Party Applications
  • Order Process
  • Invoice Process
  • Logistics
  • A/R Dunning Collections